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Libby's Stylist's Project (Tiffany First Meeting)

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

So had my first meeting today with Libby, she was able to travel to a place that was half way for us both, so not too much traveling required which I thought was nice.

I was made to feel comfortable and was also given the option of if i needed a phone call from her to help with confidence if i needed it that was reassuring, the meeting was calm and relaxed and very free flowing no judgment from Libby very open minded and caring.

I was asked to fill in lots of forms to give her an idea on what sort of person I am and styles I might already have a preference too, I learned about body shapes apparently I am a mix between hour glass and rectangle body shape.

I was told about what she will do during the whole processes the next part of the process will be color matching, but for now she took down all my measurements I thought this was very helpful I have never had the confidence to go into a shop and ask to be measured before so I am looking forward to her analysis of my sizes for Bras and clothes.

We went though quite a few pictures of styles a lot of which i did not like until i got to Urban then I was like yeah I like this and I like that was nice to see that I do have a style I like and am really looking forward to seeing how my progress goes and to how I will change in style.

Keep an eye out for the color matching session, Tiffany xoxox

Session 2 its all about the colors!

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